Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Course Au Soleil

Race to the Sun.

2013 marks the 100th edition of the Tour de France. It will be notable for that alone, but adds a  spectacular prologue (Corsica) and mainland departure (Nice). With that in mind, these are some visual references to be used in construction of the Terry Summer Cycling line for 2013.

In particular,
COLOR: red, white, blue, yellow
PATTERN: stripes, riviera-inspired
GRAPHICS: vintage riviera, sun, eiffel tower, 100 marque, French flag

Silhouettes to be used:

Sun Goddess

Breakaway Mesh

Mandarin Sleeveless

Tee Dress

Sunday, March 4, 2012

London 2012 - Summer Cycling Preview.

The Terry Summer Collection.

So excited to preview this new group of cycling jerseys, tees and accessories which will debut this summer. With the 2012 London Summer Olympics as inspiration, we curated some jolly good prints for jerseys and commissioned original t-shirt graphics from our resident artists at Terry. Shot on location in Miami by Ron Wu.

Mandarin in Union Jane.

Sungoddess in Off with Her Head.

Breakaway in UK Poste.

Mesh Tank in Union Jane.

T-Dress in Victory.

Flow Tank in Unicycle + Coaster.

Terry T in Outspoken + Le Midi.

Cadence Dress in Floral.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011

2013 :: Art in Motion :: Cycle du Soleil

International. Colorful. Art in Motion.

Cycling is joyful, expressive, globally powerful in its freedom and mobility. Bicycles themselves are evolving for street and urban expression, in sync with the needs of city residents to use bicycles not only as transportation, but with a desire to be distinctively unique. Bespoke. Original. Customized. No better example of this than in the fixed gear movement, as observed at last week's Interbike trade show. Part poser, part statement, part messenger, the original de-badged, primer-ed frames with handmade accents have been transformed into an explosion of color or stealthy black-on-black matte/gloss combinations.

On the apparel design front, NYC's recent Fashion Week also celebrated the custom creativity of the bicycle with its Tour de Fashion. Not only were the runways filled with bold color and graphic prints (seen below), but the roadways of Manhattan were as well. Handmade bikes from Bowery Bicycles provided the mobile canvas for 30 top fashion designers and offered to stylistas in attendance during the week. Here are a few examples of the bikes, as well as looks from the runway.

The new trend toward brightly colored, highly personalized, bike as mobile art makes me think of Cirque du Soleil. Nothing captures street entertainment or the beauty of human mobility better. International in appeal and influence, the artists' costumes enhance the visual performance: aesthetically graceful and bold; energized and magically theatrical; body conscious styling with ergonomically placed graphics. I love the thought of this approach applied to cycling. Even the name works: CYCLE DU SOLEIL.